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But on the other hand, AA has the strongest evidence in the scientific literature of effectiveness in treating addictions, compared with any other approach.Most of those who complain how much they hate AA and its brethren actually haven't learned how to use these incredibly powerful tools for recovery.

But as with any other online persona, I knew I was more three-dimensional than I was coming across, and I wanted to get down to the truth: Am I really someone who can’t settle down?But shame is not a good motivator; when people are shamed, they shut down and their personal growth stalls.If you’ve been looking into residential rehab programs for any length of time, you already know that 12 Step rehabs are the most prevalent.This is the 10th in our series of reviews of the 12-Steps addiction treatment program and how each step compares with a 12 Steps alternative approach.We understand the 12 Steps have helped many, many people over the years, and we respect that success.

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