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Archived here are corporate and government sponsored films; classroom academic films instructing students in science and the humanities, and classroom guidance films on sex education, manners, and morality; military training films; medical films aimed at the public or at health practitioners;... Periscope Film LLC's archive is one of the largest military film collections in private hands. Subjects include the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Air Force, and civilian aviation, and conflicts from the Spanish-American War through WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. To license this film and get a higher quality version for broadcast/film purposes, contact A/V Geeks LLC .Super short advertisements used during intermission at drive-in movie theaters during the 1950's and early 1960's to get people to consume junk food from the concession stand, may be viewed here. This small collection of public information films from the British government produced during the years 1945 to 1952 is quite entertaining. It includes rare training, combat, recruiting and history films made by the U. Periscope Film also maintains the premiere library of WWII and Cold War U. This film examines the process of holography, types of holograms, and the uses of the hologram for artistic and scientific purposes, as demonstrated by Tung H. About the film, director Tom Smith writes: "Nobel Prize winner Dennis Gabor, holography’s inventor, saw the film after it was made and said it was the best film on the subject that he had seen.Topics include public health, travel, traffic, education, and the military. Highlights of the people's history of San Francisco are featured in these short video clips: footage from just after the 1906 Quake , views of the 1917 Ironworkers Strike , Mayor Rossi's speech during the 1934 General Strike , Harvey Milk's last words , scenes from the "White Night Riot's," and a look at a 1991 Anti-war Demonstration are just a few of the many eclectic pieces that make up this collection. It is such a visual subject it made for a good film.Click for more informaton on the Shaping San Francisco project. Animation short promoting general health awareness. I knew the 3-D quality could only be appreciated if...One local authority is using its budget to pay for the services of a prostitute in Amsterdam, while others have said visits to lap dancing clubs are permissible under new policies which transfer funds directly to those who receive care from social services.The £520 million scheme promised to give elderly people and those with disabilities more control over the care they received, by passing on cash so individuals could choose the services they needed, such as home help, or mobility aids.According to the Metropolitan Police, the last convictions for running a 'disorderly house were brought in 1990 against two men who ran a gay sauna in Streatham (they were imprisoned for three and six months respectively).Some of the boys here are actors between jobs, but there are also office workers who are into the gay club scene in a big way and who cannot finance this lifestyle solely out of a regular wage. There are variations in the hours that the boys are expected to work.

In response to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, four local authorities describe themselves as "condoning" the payment of sex workers by disabled clients, using money transferred from their budgets.His collection has grown to over 25,000 films gathered from school auctions, thrift stores, closets and dumpsters.He presents themed film shows in his home base of Raleigh, North Carolina and he's taken his shows on the road across the United States.That’s when Officer Dan radios the order:“it’s a go.”The john is arrested within seconds, and taken to a holding area.He’ll get an ordinance violation, which is at least a 0 fine, and in many cases their car will be towed, which is another 0, plus a towing fee that’s usually between 0-300.

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