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Statistics Our statistics are something we are really proud of.

These spell the term as how-do-ye, howedye, howdie, how de, etc.

They also show that, despite the existence of rich explicit profiles, the use of implicit profiles provides more effective recommendations.

We first identify the characteristics of reciprocal recommenders and compare them with traditional recommenders, which are widely used in e-commerce websites.

We then present a series of studies and evaluations of a content-based reciprocal recommender in the domain of online dating.

It was some time later, not until the 18th century in fact, that 'how do you do' began to be widely used as a general greeting. ' by the 18th century, then 'how do you', by the time that it became a greeting, already had an antiquated sound and was updated to 'how do you do'.

Samuel Richardson's novel The addition of the second 'do' to 'how do you' was probably the consequence of the change in accepted form of expression, rather than any alteration in meaning. In a parallel with 'hello, hello, hello, what's going on here then?

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