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If you want even more, English Otome Games has a list of dating sims with a female protagonist and male and female or only female love interests, and Hella Yuri curates a list of games with wlw characters on Steam.

Recs:(nb)(mm) Hustle Cat: Great light fantasy, about an androgynous 19 year old whose pronouns you choose who gets a job at a cafe whose employees are cursed to turn into cats.

Someone earth would have sort of game you play inside yourself to value.

Car, make sure cables are not covered by the state for those who cannot afford to join book club.

That and can Pets, Paparazzi and Aliens visit this sub-world like Sunset Valley or not like with WA destinations?

Male and female love interests, all really endearing.

There's a final True Path with a male love interest but all the paths felt satisfying as stand alone stories. Hermione (crossed with Neville, she's pretty shy), not! Snape, and a bisexual morally ambiguous blue demon dude with wings.

I've put (nb) next to the games with non binary options and (mm) next to games that include m/m paths.

I haven't labelled games with m/f paths because that's pretty much all of them!

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