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She worked as a publicist, which may contribute to her ability to continue to get news coverage even now, more than a decade after her first appearance on the Bachelor.

Unlike some contestants, relatively little is known about Jen Schefft’s life.

Higgin’s fate will either see him join a very small group of married Bachelors or the larger club of those in Splitsville.

Then there’s the rejected ladies who have the chance of being the next “Bachelorette” — a title often coveted more.

Liz, the 24-year-old Bolingbrook woman who vied for Andrew Firestone's heart on "The Bachelor," lost out to crosstown rival Jen Schefft, who took home the ring. She is happy--and engaged--to a Chicago man she met at Children's Memorial Hospital.

According to ABC, Jen Schefft gets two proposals on the two-hour "Bachelorette" finale, which is followed by a one-hour "After the Final Rose" special; all the doings start at 7 p.m. "We were just hanging out but last month something happened," Dec told us.

Jen ended up winning, and on the season finale, Firestone proposed to her.

She accepted and moved to California to live with Andrew on his family’s estate.

However, after about six months, the couple split up. Jen was the obvious choice for was rough, for Jen Schefft and the show’s ratings.

Here’s the status of all the “Bachelor” couples, dating back to 2002: The first bachelor was a Harvard graduate who knew not to pop the question after only a few weeks — just six episodes back then — on the reality show.

Instead, he dated Marsh for a few months but they quickly became the first casualty of the show. Michel became a spokesman for and recently told US Weekly that he’s dating “one special girl.” Status: Split Buerge was the first bachelor to propose during the show’s finale — and also the first to not reach the altar.

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