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Did group dynamics affect you in the show’s XL format? One of my greatest successes was netting a 6-foot monitor lizard. Everything — big game, insects, fish, even plants — has been fighting for survival since the beginning of time, and they know what they’re doing. A Harrison native, Holt previously tamed the Florida Everglades with aplomb on the regular, 21-day edition of about the ups and downs of the show, his survival ethic, and the texture of lizard meat. It’s a different approach than a lot of other people bring to the show. You left a sign in the Everglades that read “Thrive.” You have that word tattooed on your back and printed on your license plate. I don’t like the word “survival.” Some contestants manage to survive by lying around and conserving energy.

I sautéed catfish with lime, seasoned alligator, flavored my water, brushed my teeth. Yeah, you meet everyone in their rawest form, stripped of comforts, struggling with hunger and thirst. You try to find your place, but that was difficult for me. You don’t leave your shelter at night, because that’s when the leopards and lions come out.

He immediately pulled the photo down — but not before an Oxford Hills parent spotted it.

The unidentified parent complained to school officials on Feb. "I'm embarrassed, I'm ashamed, I'm humiliated," Withee, 51, told the Sun Journal.

He's here, in this daring debut collection, to reflect what's on his mind: America's fascination with Here is G. Wuori, out of nowhere and wielding a deadly weapon: his vision of our's the raw.

Wuori fiction is something entirely and wildly its own.

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