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So chances are good, if they hear us say we want it, they’ll release an official English version.) So the past few days I’ve been playing this game again. And the message that it sends to young girls just sucks to be honest. And if you aren’t a size 2, you’re ostracized by your students, peers, and even your family. I got kinda motivated by it I guess is what I’m trying to say.

I had tried to play the game a few years ago when the fan translation came out. The main problem I have is that all of the characters except for one of them, treat the girl (that’s you by the way) like sheer crap. But the main character is so dumb that she wants their love and affection anyways and so she decides to lose weight to impress these assholes. considering the fact that this game is ONLY available for sale in asian markets — 89 KG is 196 lbs…. Now before you get all mad and butthurt, I’m not trying to stereotype (or body shame anyone for that matter), I’m just saying that over there, with body shaming and stuff, and the peer pressure to fit in, o they would typically be a laughing stock at that weight because you know, that’s just how their society rolls over there. There are better games out there, that actually you know, help you to burn calories, such as “Walk it Off” or “Dance Dance Revolution” or “Just Dance!

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Video games are a type of interactive entertainment software.

Okay, fine, if you want to lose weight, that’s cool. once you get your weight down to 89 KG or less, the guys begin to be nice to you… ”; but still, any game that can make a fat girl want to exercise, has some merit I guess.

I want to lose weight too; but you know, for the right reasons, like not getting diabetes, and being able to keep up with more fit friends and family when they want to go outdoors and be active and well to look and feel better for myself. My weight has never been an issue for any of the guys I dated, except for one, and he was an abusive asshole and not worth all the time and effort I put into things. But no, actually she’s 220 lbs because she’s 100 KG when the game starts, about the same or close to my weight, so yeah, my bad. There’s also a new recently released, unrelated but similar Otome IOS Iphone Ipad game that helps you work out.

They play on a smaller feild than a regular sized soccer feild with shorter time.

Answer it is when a team of 6 plays against a team of 6.

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