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I then had each student create a Word file containing his or her thesis statement.Students then shifted one seat to the right and in 90 seconds completed any three of the following six prompts: I agree because…, I like the way you…, I wish I knew more about…, I am confused by…, I wonder if…, This thesis makes me think of….It also highlights that a text's audiences are not (always) simply people who agree with the author(s) or people who disagree and need persuading.

Even so, just because an article is peer reviewed does not mean that it is necessarily of the highest quality or that the results may be applied in every situation.

One of the things I liked about this peer review activity is that it is what John Bean calls a response-centered review.

Students shared their personal responses to the thesis statements, but did not offer any advice.

By actively engaging in the process of game design, students will have to think through their intentions and the process of piecing together visual, aural, and verbal rhetoric.

This lesson plan is designed to get students thinking about the real and intended audiences of web texts by analyzing publication venues and comment replies.

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