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Apparently, after they hit the town with a ping-pong table in tow, the duo head back to hang at Pattinson’s mansion in Los Feliz and play a few games.Although it’s still very early to draw any conclusions, sources are saying that R. What makes this romance rumor all the more interesting is that Keough co-starred in ‘The Runaways’ with Pattinson’s famous ex, Kristen Stewart, who was busy getting ready to attend fashion week in Paris over the weekend.Rob loves the fact that Riley is Elvis's granddaughter - that's true Rock'n'Roll royalty in his eyes," a source told the Mail Online.Pattinson was spotted driving around Los Angeles last week, with Keough sitting in the passenger seat of his red truck."But I don't know the answer." Keough and I are sitting in a cabana on the roof of the Montage hotel in Beverly Hills, having a manicure-pedicure.

“The two had a tempestuous relationship, but they were young and both were going through rebellious phases back then.PHOTOS: Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Tie The Knot In Italy “Now, they’ve come to the realization that they are each other’s first loves and they’ve always been super tight, despite numerous break-ups in the past.“Riley’s been filming in Namibia, but when she gets back she can’t wait to see Ryan.The redhead was previously engaged to actor Alex Pettyfer, but is now enjoying her time with the British star who shot to fame playing vampire Edward Cullen.Someone who won't be too pleased about the new romance is Pattinson's ex Stewart, as she starred alongside Keough in the 2010 film 'The Runaways' and even invited her to her birthday party earlier this year."Riley was always Kristen's friend dating back from their time filming The Runaways but recently Rob and Riley been spending much more time together since meeting through their Dior modelling connection and Riley has stayed over at Rob's Los Feliz apartment," the source added."They have a lot in common- they both love LA, London, rock music and table tennis."However, Stewart did her best 'I don't care' impression yesterday when she attended a Chanel fashion show in Paris.

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